Tec de Monterrey Estadio Borregos

  • Monterrey, Mexico
    143,000 SF; 10,057 seats
    Beck – Preconstruction Beck – Architecture Beck – Construction

Tec de Monterrey is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Latin America, with 15,000 students attending its Monterrey campus. One of the school’s unique features is that it has played American Football since 1945 and has the distinction of being the most storied program in Mexico. The program earned the school features in The New York Times and ESPN.

To celebrate the university’s seventy-fifth anniversary, the school opened a new 10,057 seat stadium to serve as the home of the American football program and men’s and women’s soccer.

The new facility is home to Tec de Monterrey’s entire athletic program, with weight training, rehabilitation, and meeting rooms for athletes in multiple programs. As athletics are a vital component of the university’s TEC 21 educational pedagogy, creating a facility accessible to all students and the surrounding community was essential. It was also crucial to Tec that this large structure should fit into the historic campus context. We accomplished this by placing the stadium at the north end of a new central park created on the site of the old demolished stadium.

Estadio Borregos became accessible by lowering the field level by 23 feet to align the concourse to street level. When visitors approach the stadium from the park, they see a two-level structure that echoes the architecture of the original buildings on campus.

The south end zone features a public plaza with open views to see all action happening on the field. A wide and shaded concourse means the facility can host many events from festivals to concerts and provide a variety of entertainment to students and the community. Meeting rooms and offices are convertible to suites on the second level, and wide circulation corridors become viewing terraces.

The stadium was Beck’s first integrated design and construction project in Mexico and received a prestigious Texas Society of Architects 2020 Design Award.