The Hive: Uber Elevate Design Competition

The Beck Group’s Skyport draws inspiration from the transportation hubs of the past and the beauty of hexagonal form found in hives created by honeybees. eVTOLS much like bees, will fly away from the Hive and return in a never ending cycle of activity. The shape is flexible and scalable to accommodate 150 take-offs and landings per hour and can be scaled to up to 1,000 trips per hour.

“‘The Hive’ Skyport draws its inspiration from significant precedents in the design of transportation hubs, and from the beauty and practicality of the hexagonal form created by honeybees. Key features from historic train sheds and modern airports ground the design solution. Its shape is organic, practical and serves as a metaphor for activity. Skyport will be scalable, a key factor, as this type of transportation grows in popularity among Uber’s ever-mobile clientele,” said Michael Kaiser, Principal at The Beck Group.