Work With Us

The value we provide is not possible without the collaboration and support of partners like you. Please keep reading to learn how to prequalify and how we create a safe environment on our job site.


STEP 1: Prequalify to work with us

As a part of the Beck Group’s Subcontractor Prequalification Program, Beck has partnered with C2M by Alliant Insurance Services to perform an independent risk assessment for all our subcontractors. With many years of experience in surety ratings, Alliant and their C2M system is a streamlined way to collect and track prequalifications.

Below is the list of documents that will be needed to complete the prequalification.

  1. Latest CPA Prepared Financial Statement
  2. Prior CPA Prepared Financial Statement
  3. Current Interim Financial Statement
  4. Supplemental Schedules
  5. Bank Letter
  6. Surety Letter
  7. W9 Form
  8. Certificate of Insurance
  9. Bond Rate Schedule
  10. EMR Schedule
  11. OSHA300A Form
  12. Written Safety Policy and Additional Certifications
  13. Public policy or Statement covering Human Rights File
  14. Additional insurance documents if required by General Contractor

To submit your information, please contact one of the team members in your area to the right of this page.

The general process once you have completed the prequalification packet is below. If you are already working with our project team, please reach out to them to follow-up, or if you are not currently working with our project team, reach out to one of our team members to the right to learn about subcontracting opportunities.

You only need to prequalify once each year, regardless of how many projects you work on or how many regions you are working with. We appreciate your time and attention to submitting all the required documentation to complete the review and strive to make the process as smooth as possible.

Do you have questions about prequalification? Email Michael Spencer.


Step 2: Learn our values, ethics, and safety procedures

Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

Health and Safety Manual


HUB/MWBE Participation Form