Bobby gets our projects built. He started as a laborer with Beck in 1973, building the Pacific Design Center in Hollywood. Over the years, his hands-on construction experience and leadership capabilities have resulted in multiple promotions and increased responsibility. He’s currently one of our most seasoned superintendents and has been part of many of Beck’s notable projects, including IBM Solana, Sundance Square and renovating the Cotton Bowl for the World Cup. Bobby is committed to ensuring a safe jobsite, providing a safe environment for our workers and monitoring to ensure safe behavior. In addition to monitoring work in progress for quality and conformance, he’s skilled in building strong working relationships between the design and construction teams and the owner. More than 30 years of experience have taught him that “good common sense goes a long way.” When not on the jobsite, Bobby hits the open road on his Harley and keeps an eye on Dale Jr.’s standings in the Chase for the NASCAR Cup.