Julian is a Project Executive in our Denver office. He is responsible for implementing strategic planning and leading design-build projects.

His role involves building teams, overseeing projects from design through construction, and ensuring our clients stay informed and that we are meeting expectations. When speaking about his day-to-day experience, he notes it “can take any number of shapes, but it always involves working closely with teams to understand what they may need help with and finding creative solutions.”

Julian received his Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering from the University of California San Diego and a Master of Science in Design-Construction Integration from Stanford University. He has nearly 2 decades of experience with Beck and is a member of the DBIA.

In 2022, he earned the DBIA Rocky Mountain Region Leadership Award for exemplifying excellence in design-build, for which he has a true passion. “When I hear “Beck” or see one of our signs, I want others to think we are the best design-build firm…because we are.”

His advice to the up-and-coming generation who want to pursue design and construction is simple: creating change is more complex than you might think; however, it is worth the effort because of the tremendous opportunities and people that come into your life.