Stephanie is Beck’s Chief Financial Officer, overseeing the firm’s financial operations and supporting our firmwide strategy and performance management.

With a career in the construction industry since 2001, Stephanie has a wealth of experience. She joined Beck in 2023, bringing her extensive knowledge and leadership skills to the team. Stephanie is known for her ability to engage with project teams, understand their challenges, and provide valuable insights based on her broad experience in construction.

Stephanie holds a CPA and an accounting degree from Texas Christian University. While her foundation is in accounting, her passion lies in understanding and improving business operations. She is deeply curious and enjoys teaching and helping others, a trait she developed early in life.

A dedicated mother to her two sons, Stephanie values her time with them and prioritizes being present as they transition into young adults. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys gardening, hiking, and reading. She has transformed her backyard into a pollinator haven and enjoys growing vegetables and flowers.

Stephanie’s dedication to her profession and personal life exemplifies her commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, making her an asset to Beck’s leadership team.