Caroline Vostrejs is a second generation University of Florida Gator. “My education background is in business. I liked that I was able to take a variety of classes that I found interesting rather than just a singular path,” she says, “that broad focus is something I still enjoy. I’m a big-picture, long-term strategy kind of person.”

Caroline started in the industry with The Beck Group and has been here for nearly 14 years where her role has evolved from a Marketing Specialist to a Director level position. “I’ve learned so much in my tenure at Beck, but one of the most important things was to not say no to any opportunity because you will ultimately learn from the experience. That outlook has allowed me to grow my career.”

@ Beck

Caroline currently serves as Beck’s Director of Business Development for our Tampa office. In this role, she oversees the office’s marketing efforts and helps develop and implement the regional strategic plan. “My role revolves around creating a strategy and helping establish a focus,” she says, “It’s about getting everyone into the boat and paddling in the same direction so we can be successful in our pursuits.” Her marketing and business development duties vary from day to day; some days it’s lunch with a client or consultant, others it’s helping teams prep for a shortlist interview or attending industry events.

“I’ve learned that business development is a long game and that you have to be patient,” she says, “it takes time to build a large network, and then you have to learn how to work with different types of personalities so that you can best serve your clients.”

Outside of the Office

Caroline is actively involved in her community and has served on numerous boards and committees for organizations throughout the Tampa Bay area. “I’ve been fortunate to be given so much in life,” she says, “It’s also allowed me to learn to live outside of the bubble we all tend to create for ourselves.”

Outside of her volunteering commitments, Caroline enjoys spending time with her husband and their two golden retrievers. She and her husband are excitedly expecting a daughter in January.