Martin Luther King Jr., Federal Building

  • Atlanta, Georgia
    324,000 SF
    Beck – Construction
    Lord Aeck Sargent – Design Architect

Constructed in 1931, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Beck’s construction team removed and restored the building’s exterior, provided interior space alterations for new tenants and modernized various building systems that were old and failing. With no original as-built drawings available, the team began by devising a strategy to overcome lack of information. The entire building was cloaked in scaffolding, up to nine stories high, for two years in order to refurbish the stone facade. Tenants actively used the building throughout the entire project. Several sustainable building practices were used, including the reuse of historical materials. Metal, wood, stone, concrete, drywall and dirt were diverted from landfills, and was sorted and recycled. More than 80 percent of construction waste – 6.5 million pounds – was recycled. The project received LEED Gold certification.