Tec de Monterrey Library and Academic Building

  • Mexico City, Mexico
    Student Center: 161,458 SF Academic Buildings: 414, 410 SF
    Beck – Architecture Beck – Construction Beck – Sustainability

Beck provided design, preconstruction, sustainability, and construction services for the Tec de Monterrey library and academic building.

The library serves as the social and academic hub for the campus. The bulk of the space is dedicated to learning commons and collaboration spaces. The building is lifted above grade to provide a portal which links the primary student promenade to both sides of the campus which creates a centralized exterior room for the campus. This building is the new vibrant heart of the campus. It offers various general collection facilities, administrative and staff spaces, an exhibition space, coffee shop, auditorium, joint and multi-functional spaces. The project includes multiple study spaces, including reading tables, group study areas according to the size of groups and their specific needs, and private cubicles, among others.

A glass skin defines the building’s envelope, so the high-performance glass only absorbs 23% of the heat to improve thermal behavior. Following this idea, exterior lighting sensors were included in the design to regulate the interior blinds and the air conditioning system automatically. Thanks to our energy-efficient design, the building has achieved a 32% increase in energy efficiency.

The Academic building included active learning classrooms, challenge rooms, faculty offices, and learning commons. A natural ventilation system in lieu of mechanical HVAC was a key design element of the new academic buildings with a focus on sustainability and resiliency. Optimized ventilation slots on the curtain wall system with clerestory openings provide natural ventilation to the spaces.