First Baptist Church Wichita Falls

  • Wichita Falls, Texas
    71,000 SF
    Beck – Architect Beck – Construction

In order to support the growing ministry of 100-year-old First Baptist Church Wichita Falls, Beck designed and built a new worship center and support facilities. An outdoor courtyard on the north side branches off into the worship center to the west and educational centers to the east, connecting the historic nature of the old church with modern community. The worship center’s new sanctuary seats 1,650 in traditional pew arrangement and includes a choir loft and auditorium seats. Two of the most visually stunning features of the 2-story addition are the 90-foot tower and cross, and the 20-foot x 45-foot stained glass window along the west facade. The tower’s tubular design is made completely of glass and can be fully illuminated at night. The choir rehearsal room is located directly behind the stained glass window allowing the room to be inundated with light and color, producing spectacular views during rehearsal times.